Johnny "The Icon" Aggression

Handler Information
Name: Joe Email Address:
AOL Screen Name: Enforcer9966 MSN Screen Name:
Wrestler Information
Wrestler Name: Johnny Aggression Theme Song: "War" by 30 seconds to Mars
Height: 6'0" Weight: 234 lbs.
Finisher Name: The Snap Shot Finishing Move: A spinning heel kick to the jaw
Trade Mark: The camera flash (Off the top rope elbow drop) Weapon of Choice: Ladder
Affiliation: Wrestling Style: High Flyer/Techinical
Hometown: Los Angleas Califorina Age: 24
Manager Name: None Manager Description:

Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship (1), World Tag-Team Champion (1), United States Champion (2), Kingmaker Crown (2010), Eurocontinental Championship (1)

Entrance: Johnny Aggression walks out from behind the curtain. The fans start to cheer as Johnny walks down to ringside. Johnny goes up the stairs and through the ropes. Johnny Aggression stands in the middle of the ring and raises his arm in the air as sparks come down from the ceiling.

Background: The XPW was a start for Johnny Aggression. With his manager at the time Brian "The Show" Cain behind him. Johnny had nothing to fear. Even though the only title he won was the tag team titles (Which he lost the next show) Johnny was still known for his abilities in the ring. The highlight of his XPW career was at the PPV The long road to victory. A 38 man single elimination match for the XPW world title. Johnny made it to the final 3, but was eliminated by submission. The XPW would close down and so would Johnny for a year. Johnny then left his manager Brian Cain and joined the VWF. Johnny Aggression is now the VWF. Johnny has set the stage for future Middleweights to get in reach for the Cabo Wabo Middleweight championship. But there is one prize that Johnny is waiting to get and thats a shot for the World Heavyweight title. Only time will tell where he will go from here.