“Better” Bobby Bostwick

Handler Information
Name: ??? Email Address: c_honkonen@hotmail.com
AOL Screen Name: MSN Screen Name:
Wrestler Information
Wrestler Name: “Better” Bobby Bostwick Theme Song: “For Ramridge” (U Maine Fight Song) /w some lyrical changes
Height: 6 ft 3 in Weight: 238 lbs.
Finisher Name: Better Buster Finishing Move: Brainbuster
Finisher Name: Better Breaker Finishing Move: elevated crab
Finisher Name: Better Bomb Finishing Move: senton bomb
Trade Mark: Flipping Better (Blockbuster), German suplex, full nelson slam, double underhook backbreaker, half crab, camel clutch, slingshot shoulder block, double leg takedown, Thai neck clench with knees to the face, European uppercut , Northern Lights Suplex Weapon of Choice: Golf club/ Tennis racket/ Trophy
Affiliation: Comedic heel Wrestling Style: All Around
Hometown: Age: 19
Manager Name: None Manager Description:



Born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Bobby has always found everything comes easily to him. Sports, academics, socialization, it seemed like he never really had to try. As far as Bobby can tell, he’s simply… well, better. And man, is that awesome! Delaying his eventual (early) graduation by reducing his course load, and giving himself a new area to try and excel, Bobby and good friend Brent have joined the VWF.