Handler Information
Name: Brad Email Address: Fuck your couch
AOL Screen Name: MSN Screen Name: None
Wrestler Information
Wrestler Name: Crimson Lightening Theme Song: "All of the Lights" by Kanye West
Height: 6'4" Weight: 249.lbs
Finisher Name: The Flash Finishing Move: Samuri Driver
Finisher Name: Hitting The Music Finishing Move: Dragon Hurcanarana
Finisher Name: High Feaver Finishing Move: Shooting Star Press
Finisher Name: The Most Painful Submission Move Ever Finishing Move: Texas Cloverleaf
Trade Mark: The Crimson Cutter (Tornado DDT) Weapon of Choice: None
Affiliation: Face Wrestling Style: High Flyer, Technical
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Age: 24
Manager Name: Ruthless Manager Description: CLICK HERE

Titles/Accolades: FWLnet Top Wrestler of the Year 2001, FWLnet Tournament of Champions Winner 1999, 2000

ECW Internet Champion (2), ECW World's Heavyweight Champion (1)

PGF Canadian Champion (1), PGF Tag-Team Champion (3)

Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion (3)

LWF European Champion (1), LWF International Champion (1), LWF Universal Heavyweight Champion (1)

Cruiserweight Champion (4), Stable Champions (3), Tag-Team Champion (2), Hardcore Champion (3), European Champion (3), United States Champion (4), Internet Champion (1), Winner of the Submission Impossible Tournament, Intercontinental Champion (10), Winner of the 2004 Royal Rumble, Winner of the 2005 Royal Rumble, VWF World Heavyweight Champion (4), Triple Crown Champion, Eddie Guerrero Memorial Trophy Winner 2005, King of the Brazilian Death Match Sceptor Winner 2006, Pan Pacific Champion (1), Cabo Wabo Middleweight Champion (1), Eurocontinental Champion (1)

World's Largest Penis

Winner at the November 2007 Rival Factions, hosted by The Experts.

Appearance: Looks like Christian, just sexier. Wears long crimson tights with silver lighning bolts down the sides. Crimson also wears a t-shirt that says "If I didn't Crimson your mom, you wouldn't be in that seat." He wears silver grappling gloves and two silver elbow pads. He lets the ladies wear the knee pads...

Entrance: (The VikingTron flickers to life, as thunder rolls and "All of the Lights" hits as the crowd gets to it's feet...)

("The American Storm," Crimson Lightening, Alex Thunder, Chris Monsoon and Red Tornado all come out, looking on as a chorus of boos comes out of the crowd. They stalk down the ramp, smirking as they reach ringside and all roll in the ring. They hit the four corners of the ring and pose, as the crowd continues to boo loudly. They all hop down and high five each other in the middle of the ring as the music subsides and the crowd sits down.)

Background: All that is known about Crimson Lightening is what he tells us, and most of it is hard to understand. We know he enjoyed wearing masks for years as a child, but that's about it. The other information about Crimson's past can be found on most adult web sites. Crimson joined the VWF when it first opened, and was in the very FIRST match against Phoenix on the first RAW. Crimson soon was relgated into a heel jobber until he hooked up with The Viking King and The Horde. He is one of the few people who not only survived the end of The Horde, but thrived from it to become the pervert we all know and love today.