Handler Information
Name: Brandon Email Address: rittwhat07@gmail.com
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Wrestler Information
Wrestler Name: Encore Theme Song: "Sarajevo" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Height: 6'3" Weight: 251 lbs.
Finisher Name: Hamlet Finishing Move: Suplex into Hangman's Neckbreaker
Finisher Name: Final Act Finishing Move: Dragon Sleeper
Trade Mark: The Monologue (Steamroller, generally leads to Encore singing opera, which is his taunt, and preparing to execute Hamlet.) Weapon of Choice: Whatever is available
Affiliation: Heel Wrestling Style: Technical, Brawler
Hometown: Windsor, Ontario, Canada Age: 25
Manager Name: None Other Bio:

The fates hate or adore...
But none truly deserve...
A final Encore..."

"Sarajevo" plays to a mixed reaction from the crowd, neither side overpowering the other. Roses are poured down on the stage by stage hands and a red carpet is rolled down the ramp. Encore appears, his head tucked down, his hood covering his face. As the song hits the bridge, Encore flings the coat off to a golden shower of pyrotechnics. He begins his descent down the ramp, with the stage hands now taking pictures of Encore as he doesn't acknowledge them. He climbs up the stairs and enters the ring over the second rope. Encore walks into the middle of the ring, where he bows before the fans and then blows them a kiss. He then enters his respective corner and preps himself for the match to begin.

Physical Description: Tall, lengthy, athletic. Wears colorful singlets showing multiple contrasts. Long, black hair. White make up with colored lines matching singlet. Wears a large fur coat with the hood up to the stage and backstage.

Personal History: Born Sean Robert Morris, son of Drew and Amy Morris. Only child of family, was a stellar athlete in high school as a wrestler, going on to Westminster University, where he was a three time NCAA D-III National Champion and All-American. Entered professional wrestling after college, where he trained in several wrestling schools within Ontario. However, he was told he didn't have the "it factor" and wasn't very presentable. Morris would use this by taking acting classes and performed in theater to understand how to be "presentable". After 15 months, he would move to Quebec, where he trained with several top Canada prospects. He was considered highly impressive on the mic and in the ring.

Wrestling History: Encore, while he has wrestled several tryout and dark matches, has never made it to television. However, his athleticism, microphone skills, and overall ability to work a match is raved over and could be a big time superstar to come.