Showtime: Sunday, January 5, 2014 -
Roleplay Deadline: 11:59pm CST Time Saturday, 1/4/14

At The VWF Arena in Chicago, IL

Dan "The Egobuster" Ryan Vs. Maverick Jones
Submission Match - Eddie Guerrero Memorial Trophy

Preview: Crimson Lightening. Johnny Kae. The Rick. Ian Credible. Scott DiBiase. TD Alexander. Johnny Aggression. What do all these men have in common? They've made their marks, winning this annual tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero. And all of them have turned that success into numerous title reigns, including World Championship Gold and King of the Ring wins. This small tribute to a true wrestling legend has propelled many superstars up the card. Who will it be THIS year?

? Vs. ? Vs. ? Vs. ? Vs.
? Vs. ? Vs. ? Vs. ? Vs.
? Vs.? Vs. ? Vs. ?

Lingerie Contest

Preview: We all win. Participants to be announced.

AJ Powell Vs. Phoenix Vs. Alex Thunder Vs.
Chris Monsoon Vs. Johnny Kae Vs. Tazz
Vs. Mysterious Vs. Axel the Shark Vs. Maximilian Vandiel III

Battle Royal - Eurocontinental Championship

Preview: The Eurocontinental Championship is on the line! Will Phoenix win a match? Will The American Storm cheat? Will the returning Johnny Kae or Maximilian Vandiel III show that they haven't lost a step? Will Mysterious reveal himself to be Tross? Will Axel the Shark take a bite out of the ref? Will AJ Powell just beat the shit out everyone? Find out tonight!

Class of 2013
Hall of Fame Ceremony

"The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan
Johnny Kae
El Lobo Grande

Johnny Aggression (c) Vs. El Lobo Grande (c) Vs. Sean Edmunds
Last Man Standing Match - Kingmaker Crown

Preview: Johnny Aggression is "The White Knight" of The VWF. Is it time he upgraded to "King?" Maybe not, as El Lobo Grande and Sean Edmunds also vie for the yearly crown. El Lobo Grande has been on a tear since his debut, taking on everyone put in front of him. But Sean Edmunds is returning for one night only to show the young upstart why Old School is the Best School. Doesn't Lobo still have a title shot sitting in his pocket too?

Dr. Feelgood and Dr. Jekyl Vs. Reverend John Crazy and Caretaker
Buried Alive Tag-Team Match - World Tag-Team Championships

Preview: The Brothers have done it all. And usually with only Spam and Hardcore Soda on their side. They take on Reverend John Crazy and Caretaker in a battle of Hall of Famers for the coveted World Tag-Team Championships. Wait... isn't Caretaker dead?

Crimson Lightening (c) Vs. Mystery Opponent
Normal Match - Intercontinental Championships

Preview: Crimson Lightening has not only been The VWF's most decorated superstar, he's been there since the beginning. One of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time, Crimson currently holds his 10th title reign with the belt. He's faced almost everyone in The VWF at some point, wrestling in The VWF's VERY first match way back in November of 1998 against Phoenix. Tonight, the leader of The American Storm has come a long way, and he's ready to send out his career in style. But with management hiding his opponent's identity until the show, who could it be? A new superstar? A current mainstay? A retired legend looking for one last hurrah? Who knows? NOT YOU!

The Rick Vs. Surge Vs. Venom Vs. cisco KID Vs. Ursula Areano (c) Vs. Black Death
Brazilian Death Match - Brazilian Death Match Scepter

Preview: Homage to one of the original VWFers, Fugitive, we bring you the 15th Annual Brazilian Death Match Scepter matchup. VWF Superstars new and old enter the ring as it is suspended above the arena. How do you eliminate your opponent? Knock them over the side 15 feet to the floor below. Will they end up broken on the padded floor, or in the lap of some lucky grandma in the audience? Who knows! It's the annual match that made The Big Birthday Bash famous! Rumors are that the winners also get hookers.

Scott Dibiase (c) Vs. Jonny Cedrone
Hell in the Cell - VWF World Heavyweight Championship

Preview: One last time into the abyss! Scott DiBiase, one of the most dominant forces in The VWF of the last 5 years, sends us home as he defends his World Heavyweight Championship against one of the biggest faces of the last decade, Jonny Cedrone. Jonny has been to the mountain top three times before, and is looking to make it an even four as these two men put it all on the line to send The VWF off into the sunset proud. And what better way than to do it in the Hell in the Cell, as these two put their long standing rivalry and the biggest prize in the business on the line.