We know what you're thinking. What the hell is this? Why aren't there normal wrestling terms in this like "Mark," "work," and "blading." Well, the reason is this. If you're on the internet, you most likely already know those terms, and if you don't, go find some other site to help you. The VWF has been around since November of 1999. And in that time, many words and running jokes have come about. In the last few months, it has kind of dawned on us that there is alot of new faces that weren't around even a year ago, and most of these jokes go over their head. So here, and even possibly in alphabetic order, we will post and explain some of those jokes. This is something that will constantly be added to.

If you have something to contribute, or don't understand something that you think should be added, please feel free to e-mail it in to tripleb@thevwf.net. If we use your submission, you will be credited here.

All entries will be color coded by the applicant.

The Viking King = Light Blue
Crimson Lightening = Red
Samantha = Pink
Michael Bunda = Dark Green
Ex-VWF President Vince = Blue
Caretaker = Gray
Dr. Feelgood = White

Eat My Vince- Phrase. Verb.Vince and Dr.Feelgood were constantly feuding with eachother. At one point, Dr.Feelgood told one of Vince's Corporation goons, "If you don't like it, you can eat my Vince." This became a sort of calling card fpr Dr.Feelgood. Sometime shortly after that, someone hacked into the VWF files and wrote the phrase "Eat My Vince" all over the home page of the site. However, this did not have the desired effect as the VWF merely worked it into the current story lines with Dr.Feelgood being framed for defacing VWF property and his search to uncover the true culprit, which turned out to be a guy hired by Curt Evans.

Fuck Tag-Teams- Phrase. . It was kind of a joke that Brad and I started throwing back and forth while we both on hiatus from The VWF for a period. He was disgusted that there was really no more tag-team wrestling in the WWE anymore, and I was disgusted that I couldn't find any real competition as a tag-team wrestler in e-fedding. So when we both returned to The VWF in 2004, I decided that I wasn't going to continue to destroy what was such a great part of wrestling for decades, and I outlawed all Tag-Team matches completely. Then after I left, Brad shit all over my idea and brought back the tag belts. He's a hypocrite, and a mediocre carpenter.

Fuck Your Couch- Verb. . I picked it up from Chappelle's Show. Which if you have never seen it, you suck ass. There, I said it. Basically, Dave Chapelle has this skit called "Real Hollywood Stories." In this particular one, Eddie Murphy's brother, Charlie, tells a story when Rick James came over to Eddie's house, and started grinding his muddy boots into Eddie's new couches, and started screaming "Fuck your couch Eddie Murphy! Buy a new one!"

Fugitive That Belt!- Verb. Adverb. . Fugitive, while a beloved VWF Staple, had a bad habbit of winning a belt, and then vacating it shortly thereafter for no apparent reason, other then to be undefeated I guess. So if you attempt to Fugitive a Belt, you're attempting to vacate it. We don't really let that happen anymore.

Hardcore Soda Machine- Noun. . Dr.Feelgood and Dr.Jekyl were brothers (handled by the same guy though) in the fed. They were really good, and Jekyl was the hardcore one of the pair. Jekyl, in a roleplay, claimed that he was hardcore because of spam and orange soda. Somehow, it was then named Hardcore Soda. Later, in a Hardcore match, the Hardcore Soda Machine made it's appearance, as Dr.Jekyl used it as a weapon. A few weeks later, none of the participants in a Hardcore Title match roleplayed, so to punish them, the Hardcore Soda Machine somehow came to life, shot soda cans at alot of people, and fell on top of the champion to win the Hardcore Belt. Yes, a Soda Machine was the Hardcore Champion.

Ho Bags- Noun. . See Smart Mom.

Mandingo- Proper Noun. . I'm only adding this one because Suicide is never around enough to add something, and more likely then not he won't notice this thing is here until sometime next spring when I tell him on AIM, after I forget to tell him for months on end. Suicide's caveman friend. Can only say "Ugg." Gets high and drunk alot. Frequently seen in Hardcore Matches, where he usually does something completely fucked up. Inspired by Encino Man and Pot.

Powermon- Proper Noun. . Powermon was a wrestler, who actually was having some small success in the fed for a few weeks, before he lost a match. Powermon really didn't have much talent, and was pretty bad. Basically, he made an ass of himself, and was the first person to get banned from the site. Bunda wanted me to add him, and that's about all I can remember right now.

Scarce Gladiator- Noun A suitor name Caretaker came up with for himself. As usual it did nothing but force us to ask him even more questions which he gave questionable answers. Well…maybe this one is an exception. Or was? Anyways, Scarce which now means difficult to see, was actually the pen name for most if not all Northern Irish deceased solders. During the wars in the 1800’s which Caretaker claims to be born in, the word was printed to numerous Southern Ireland medias as a way of promoting that the ghosts of the Northern territory solders was haunting the Southern territory to induce fear to their Government. The strange thing is that the Government there was reported missing and never was found, and many had thought that…thanks to the media that he was one of the “Scarce” members. He was known to be very violent so of course this brought fear to the South, until Yeats, Irish poet proved in an essay that it was…well basically…a bunch of crock. And the word in the States only has two meanings, which is “hard to see”, and “failure to deliver a request” but Ireland still has three. Gladiator is of course a person, usually a professional combatant, a captive, or a slave, trained to entertain the public by engaging in mortal combat with another person or a wild animal in the ancient Roman arena. The name though was later adapted by the American Military mostly for agents when sent on top secret missions in the late 30's during the depression and the Cold War. Along with "Snake Eater" for Naval Rangers, and "Raiden" for the Air Force. Not used at all today though.

Smart Mom- Noun. See also "Ho Bags". There was a time when nobody would talk any type of OOC smack about anyone else, until Crimson Lightening started talking about banging people's grandmothers in his roleplays. This brought forth someone saying that Smart A$$'s mom was hot, and suddenly it became a running gag. cisco KID, Smart A$$, Vox, Surge, The Rick and Crimson Lightening have all been known for using mom jokes, and any references to a Smart Mom is in hommage to Smart A$$.

Vince- Proper Noun. . Original owner of The VWF. Any mentions of that name is NOT to Vince McMahon of the WWE, but of our Vince. He's kind of hot.

Who is _____?- Sentence. . Something cisco KID was doing with Vox where he claimed to not know who Vox was, despite Vox being in the fed about as long as Cisco was. In hindsight, not as funny as it was at the time.

You've Been Chandlered- Verb. Also referred to as "Getting Chandlered". When Curt Evans AKA James Vickers ran the fed for a short time, there was some sort of problems between him and a wrestler, Steve Chandler. Later, when Triple B came back and started the fed back up after a short hiatus, Curt Evans and Steve Chandler both showed up at the doorstep. Chandler lost to Evans in a match, and Chandler decided to spam the boards with gay porn links and the such, claiming that he was the greatest heel of all time, because people geniunly hated him. Unfortunately, so did I. So, we started killing him off in almost every Hardcore match written, week after week as a running joke. That's why he gets killed off. He was an asshole.