Normal Match   Normal Wrestling Rules
Triple Threat Match   Normal Wrestling Rules, but with three men all for themselves
Tag Team Match   Normal Wrestling Rules
Texas Tornado Match   Tag-Team Match where all four wrestlers may be in the ring at once.
Handicap Match
(2 on 1)
  Two against one.
Handicap Match
(3 on 1)
  The American Storm against you.
Battle Royal   At least four men in over the top elimination. 4-20 people only
Stable Match   Four stables meet, one man from each group. One gets eliminated, another runs out till nobody's left on the team
Cage Match   The winner is the first to climb over a twenty foot cage or pin his opponent
Hell in the Cell   A cage match, but bigger, and with a top. Pinfalls count
Casket Match   The loser must be placed in a casket and locked within.
Lumberjack Match   Two men battle in the ring, as more guys stay outside and are allowed to pull you out or do whatever they want
Inferno Match   The ring ropes catch on fire and you lose by catching on fire.
Scaffold Match   Scaffold rings are built above the ring. Then two men fight up there until one man pins the other.
Strap Match   Men are connected at wrists by straps
Flaming Strap Match   Men are connected at wrists by straps. Torches are set in each turnbuckle, and you can win by either lighting your opponent on fire with the strap, or pinfall.
Iron Man Match   A timed match where at the end, the person with the most victories wins
Chokeslam Match   First person who chokeslams the other wins
Kendo Stick Match   Each wrestler has a kendo stick.First one who falls down flat loses
"I Quit" Match   First wrestler who says "I quit" loses


Hardcore Match   No D.Q. Pinfalls count anywhere
Hardcore Tag-Team Match   No D.Q. Pinfalls count anywhere
Women's Hardcore Match   No D.Q. Pinfalls count anywhere, women only
Triple Threat Hardcore Match   No D.Q. Pinfalls count anywhere, three men are official
Abandoned Building Match   Hardcore Battle inside an abandoned building. You must knock your opponent out a window into a dumpster below to win.
Tri-Cage Match   Three cages. One small one on top of a medium one on top of a large one. Championship matches only. Belt is placed inside small cage on top. Winner must climb a ladder to the medium one, and chain ladder to the small one, and then climb over the small cage to get the belt and the win.
House Rules Match   Two wrestlers fight inside of a house. Pinfalls only.
Dumpster Match   Both men fight until one is locked in a dumpster
Barbed Wire Match   Ropes are replaced with barbed wire
Explosive Match   Explosives are placed in the ring and go off on contact
>Ladder Match   Titles only. Belt is hung above ring. You must climb the ladder to get the belt. No D.Q.
Death Match   Barbed Wire ropes, explosives, hardcore and ladder rules
Kennel from Hell Match   Cage around ring, cell around it, weapons are tossed in, and rotwillers are placed in the middle with nobody holding them
Scaffold Death Match   Scaffold match, with barbed wire ropes, and winner must through opponent off scaffold
Extreme Match   Cell placed around the ring with tables around it. The winner must toss opponent off and through a table, or the match continues
Brazilian Death Match   Four men to participate. Ring is suspended 25 feet above the arena. You win by either throwing your opponent off the ring, or pinfall.
Super Match   Bags of thumbtacks above the ring that will drop in 5 minutes, barbed wire ropes, glass walls on ring floor and outside floor, turnbuckle pads taken off and explosives in the ring
Parking Lot Match   Grueling match in a parking lot
Chain Match   Both men are bound together by a chain around their necks.
Barbed Wire Chain Match   Chain match with barbed wire on the chain
Buried Alive Match   You win by completely burying your opponent
Boiler Room Brawl   Match inside boiler room and you win by leaving the boiler room
Street Fight   Match on a busy highway, anything goes there. Loser is the first one to get hit by a vehicle
Back Alley Brawl   Match outside arena in the dark alley. There is glass and rocks usually on the ground
Flaming Table Match   A table is in the ring, lit on FIRE! You win by busting you're opponent through the flamed table
Jail House Brawl   A match inside a jail. Falls anywhere in the jail
School Yard Brawl   Match on a school campus. Falls Anywhere in the school
Mall Brawl   Match inside a mall, also falls anywhere
Glass Cell Match   A structure with no top, made of glass. You win by sending you're opponent through the glass
First Blood Match   Loser is the first to bleed
You're Fired Match   No DQ match, loser is fired from the fed
Last Man Standing Match   Match gos until one man stays down for a 10 count
Death Penalty Match   Cage around the ring with a top. Covered in Barbed Wire and set on fire. First one out wins
Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match   The set up the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match is a ring with all the ropes criss-crossed with heavy steel chains. There are 4 poles on each ringpost adding an additional 5 feet which are linked by heavy steel chains to which are clamped on a variety of items of hardcore plunder, varying from steel chairs, to fan sign covered street signs, a section of guardrail, a steel cage door, several singapore canes and trash cans, a variety of kendo sticks, chains, tables and steel chairs. The only way to win is after brutalizing your opponent in the "house of fun" (the match) you must toss your opponent through 4 tables stacked on each other AND pin him afterwards.
Murder Rulez   Hardcore Match and At the end (In the corners) of each rope, there's gonna be a chain with a dog collar as well as one hanging from the ceiling. First one to retrive a dog collar chain from the corner (Or Ladder), put a collar on his opponent, and throw him over the top and hang him until he's unconscious will be declared the winner.