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Roleplay Deadline: 11:59PM CST Time, Monday, 8/26/13
From The Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada
Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tornado Kid (c) Vs. TD Alexander Vs. Scott DiBiase
Steel Cage Match - VWF World Heavyweight Championship

Preview: Tornado Kid is a man on fire. The young rookie received what many said was a "pitty" shot at the champ, and showed courage in defeat that impressed The Viking King. After a series of matches that culminated at The Royal Rumble, Tornado Kid defeated TD Alexander and hasn't looked back. But perhaps he should. Because in that rear view mirror is not only the former champ, TD Alexander, looking to take back what is his, but Scott DiBiase, winner of The Royal Rumble, is looking to show why he is a VWF Hall of Famer on the grandest stage of them all.... Bloodlust.

Dan "The Egobuster" Ryan Vs. Vagn Dahl Vs. Maverick Jones Vs.
Black Death Vs. Crimson Lightening (c)

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Preview: Dan Ryan has always been a force to be reckoned with. He qualified for this match by defeated TWO men at the same time. But the former VWF Champion isn't alone. Maverick Jones has had his time at the top of the mountain as well, and is looking to do so again. On the wings is the REAL American in this match, Crimson Lightening. The most decorated VWF Superstar in history is looking to make another run at the top, and a win here would get the Intercontinental Champion back in the World Title hunt. Black Death is no stranger to World Titles, as he has won numerous titles including the True Experts title. Black Death looks to make his return in The VWF ring after a rehab stint for his knee by taking out some of the best The VWF has to offer. But there's one man in the wings. Vagn Dahl has been impressive since his debut, but not much is known about this big man. Will he show people who can't pronounce that his name actually rhymes... with "pain?"

Jared "The Swedish" Fish (c) Vs. Cole Legula
Normal Match - Eurocontinental Championship

Preview: The student looks to be the master tonight. Jared Fish has taken Cole Legula under his wing for months now, guiding him in his VWF career. It works as Cole Legula earned this title shot at The Royal Rumble, and is looking to make his Bloodlust debut a big one. Did Jared fish teach Cole Legula TOO well... or did the old dog keep himself a few tricks?

"The Black Republicans" - Lorenz Black (c) and Chance Black (c)
"The Varsity Squad" - Bobby Bostwick and Brent Cross
Tag-Team Match - World Tag-Team Championships

Preview: The Varsity Squad have... CENSORED DUE TO COURT INJUNCTION...

Sunny Davis (c) Vs. "The White Knight" Johnny Aggression
Normal Match - United States Championship

Preview: Nobody likes Sunny Davis. She complains. She makes fun of the other VWF Divas behind their back. She takes too long in the bathroom and cusses out the caterers. We need a hero. Someone who can put her in her place. Not the hero we want. But a hero we deserve. Is VWF Hall of Famer Johnny Aggression that man? The White Knight takes on The Blonde Bombshell in one-on-one action for the fate of the United States Belt.

Mysterious (c) Vs. Thomas Liger Vs. El Lobo Grande (c) Vs. Ursula Areano
Two Falls Match - Britannia Heavyweight Championship and Cabo Wabo Middlweight Championship

Preview: Mysterious has been a thorn in Thomas Liger's side for months, trading the Britannia Heavyweight belt back and forth with him. However, tonight, there is more at stake, as newly formed tag-team of El Lobo Grande and Ursula Areano also compete with the Cabo Wabo Middleweight Belt on the line as well. 2 falls. 2 belts. Who will walk out as the champ(s)? And don't forget... El Lobo Grande still holds a title shot of his choosing. Will he cash in... tonight?

Reed Cromier (c) Vs. Encore (c)?
School Yard Brawl - Pan Pacific Championship

Preview: Reed Cromier eliminated Encore in The Royal Rumble, and Encore has been looking for his curtain call ever since. Reed has been able to get the upper hand in matches, but Encore has stolen "The Ravager's" thunder at every turn, stealing the Pan Pacific belt and keeping it away from the true champ. Well, it's time to teach a lesson, and what better way than taking Encore back to school. Can you have a curtain call in Math Class? We'll find out.

"Insert Tag-Team Here" - Stoner and Greg Samuels
"The American Storm" - Chris Monsoon and Alex Thunder

Tag-Team Match

Preview: Stoner and Greg Samuels are looking to establish themselves in the Tag-Team Division. A win over The American Storm could put them on that path. How will they stack up against... REAL Americans?

The Rick Vs. Tazz
Normal Match

Preview: The Rick has issued the challenge. Will Tazz be able to step up... or will he choke?

Elizabeth "Liz" Hathaway Vs. SLASH the Psycho Vs. Phoenix
Triple Threat Match

Preview: Liz Hathaway and SLASH the Psycho make their VWF Debuts against VWF Mainstay, Phoenix

Axel the Shark Vs. Big Rory
Normal Match

Preview: Big Rory makes his VWF debut. But will Axel put the "bite" on his career before it even starts? Will Big Rory be able to impress the legions in the arena?