Current VWF Storylines

These are the current storylines/gimmicks that are going in The VWF. If you think something is missing, e-mail me at


- TD Alexander has recently won the World Heavyweight Championship.
- At the most recent Crucifiction, Tornado Kid lost to TD Alexander, but continued to provoke him post-match.
- Johnny Aggression has returned from an overseas tour, and has laid down a challenge to Alexander Cage for the United States Championship.
- Johnny Aggression recently defeated a superstar right in front of Alexander Cage in 10 seconds, putting Cage on notice.
- Allison Tumbler has taken every opportunity to berate and humiliate Tanner Summers in her quest for him to get Championship Gold.
- Recently, Rico has taken a concerted interest in Phoenix's career.
- After a hard fought series of matches against grizzled veteran Jared "The Swedish" Fish, Mysterious has solidified his claim on the Britannia Heavyweight Title
- Crimson Lightening was making googly eyes at new VWF Superstar, Sunny Davis. Red Tornado was not amused.
- Cole Legula has impressed the roster backstage, with grizzled veteran Jared "The Swedish" Fish taking an interest in him.
- Encore, Reed Cromier, Axel the Shark and Sunny Davis have all recently signed with The VWF.
- The Black Republicans have been making life tough for The Varsity Squad, linking together solid wins to make their case for a shot at the Tag-Team Championships.
- Due to recent events, The Viking King has booked The Black Republicans and Fabulously Scared to compete against The Varsity Squad at the Royal Rumble in a Special Chamber Match for the titles.
- Maverick Jones has begun the Maverick Jones Challenge each week on Crucifiction.
- John Kjeldsson, Christopher-Michael Smith-Weston and Jade Malikai have all been signed up for the challenge.