Time Zone Information

Full Credit to "Treacherous Hippo Love" from the RK Forums for putting this together. This was something I've always wanted to do, but never got around to doing. Thankfully, he did it, and I'm using it with his, and RK President Jagilki's permission.

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For a full picture of Time Zones, click below: Huge Time Zone Map (Pixel size = 4779 x 1979)

Well, Lets see, England is Greenwich Mean Time (Now called Coordinated Universal Time) so it starts out as the Zero Point. Yes, just as the Brits have always suspected ... England is the center and origin point of the entire world. LOL

Since I think everyone here is from the Northern Hemisphere I won't bother to mention stuff below the Equator except when it's funny.

00 - Anyway the UK, Iceland and Portugal.

-1 - The Only things at -1 hour are some islands a couple of hundred miles off Portugal and again off of Senegal And a small bit at the FAR east side of Greenland.

-2 - The ONLY thing I found at -2 is a small island off the coast of Brazil. Probably noone there Efeds though, just a wild guess though.

-3 - Speaking of SCREWED up, Greenland is the Majority in zone -3 but for some strange reason the FAR west end by Thule is back at England 0-point again and a tiny bit on their East Coast just north of that bit at -1 is a pocket where they look to be at - hour. The simple fact that I knew a couple of American GIs stationed in Greenland who Efedded in their spare time is the ONLY reason I mention this huge icy wasteland of a country.

-3 - Yes, you heard Me Three and a Half Zones West of England is Nova Scotia (Silly Canadians!! They ain't as Backwards and F'ed up as Greenlanders though!)

-4 - Newfoundland and Labrador , Canada and half of The Dominican Republic.

-5 - Eastern Time Zone = Quebec, Ontario, some wierd shaped islands north of there, Eastern USA from Main to Michigan down to Florida. Then Cuba and Panama.

-6 - Central Time Zone includes Manitoba, Saskatchewan and north of there, (Indiana is a swing state half the year in Central and half the year in Eastern ... I swear it must be populated by Greenlanders) but otherwise the majority of the Midwest West of Ohio and East of Colorado is Central Time zone. Also all of Central America aside from Panama and the far north/west part of Mexico. THIS IS OFFICAL VWF TIME. ALL DEADLINES AND TIMES ARE LISTED IN THIS TIME ZONE! THIS IS ALSO THE TIME ZONE TRIPLE B LIVES IN!

-7 - Mountain Time Zone consists of The Northwest Territories and Alberta, Canada ... Seven and a few partial states in the US including Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Part of Idaho, Utah and half the year Arizona (They spend the other half in the Pacific Time Zone (Damned Greenlanders!) The remainder of Mexico aside from Baja.

-8 - The Pacific Time Zone is The Yukon Territories and British Columbia in Canada, The Left coast of the USA from Washington State down to southern California and sometimes Arizona, The Baja Penensula in Mexico.

-9 - Alaskan Standard Time is pretty much Just Alaska and ...

-10 - Hawaiian Standard Time Zone is Hawaii (Duh) and the Aleutian Island Chain off Alaska's South West coast.

The following I would assume would be for more GI's over seas. I HAVE had a couple guys from Iraq and Germany over the years. Never from Japan though.

+1 - Germany and half of the rest of Europe, but it was near Deussledorf I think my friend was stationed.

+9 - Japan - Had a friend in the US Navy that was there for several months.

The following two Areas are the only ones I have known/do know Efedders from that lies SOUTH of the Equator (aside from Hawaii) ...

+8 +9 +10 - Australia spans Three Time Zones.

+12 - And we can't forget New Zealand.

But as far as the vast majority of the rest of the planet is concerned, if they do anything like that they must tend to stay in among their own language groups.