Chris Jericho 12-31-99
Not available
No details available
Scott Cruiser 1-22-00
Not available
No details available
Christian 1-28-00
Not available
No details available
Rage 2-25-00
Not available
No details available
Scott Cruiser (2) 3-7-00
Not available
No details available
Grandmaster Sexay 3-25-00
Not available
No details available
Crimson Lightening 4-18-00
Not available
No details available
Dropped 5-9-00
Not available
It was at this time that the Cruiserweight Belt was dropped, but brought back a couple weeks later. Title Histories have been lost during the next period until Smart A$$ won the belt the next year.
Smart A$$ ??-??-01
Not available
No details available
Maxine Baibe 06-01-01
Bloodlust II (PPV)
In a match that could well have been predicted before hand. Smart A$$ defended his Cruiserweight Title in a Triple Threat Match. Kid Blaze helped Maxine beat down Smart A$$ for a lot of the match. Smart A$$ put up a hell of a fight and at one point it looked like Maxine and Kid Blaze had run out of ideas. But eventually Smart A$$ was eliminated and Maxine eliminated Kid Blaze as he was trying to congratulate her. Before Maxine pinned Blaze he did an impression of a fish out of water for a reason I hope we never know.
Mark Rocke 06-09-01
Maxine was on her way to a successful title defense when Crimson Lightening appeared and attaked her with Curt Evans' stole singapore can, injuring her serverely. Mark simply rolled up Maxine for the win and the title.
Vacant 07-06-01 After mysteriously disappearing, Vice-President ordered Mark Rock stripped of the title due to no-shows. Vickers then signed a match between Brian Titan and former champ Surge for the very next RAW to determine the new champ.
Surge 07-10-01
Surge and Brian Titan met to determine the new champion after Vickers declared the title vacant. The match when back and forth until Titan successfully pulled off Surge's finisher, "The Underdog's Dream"!! When he couldn't get the pin and as he tried it again, Surge recovered, Back Body dropped Titan off the top riope and nail HIS "Underdog's Dream" for the pin and the title.
Surge Pandemonium 2
Vacant . Surge won the World title
Cisco Kid Warzone
??? ?-??-??
Not available
Title Histories have been lost during the next period.
Trish Stratus The End - 12/26/04 In the Invitational TLC match between Adam Young, Genesis, The Rick, Ruthless Aggression, Luc Crash, The Sentinel and Trish Stratus; Luc immobilized Adam, Genesis and Ruthless backstage. The four remaining wrestlers each duked it out until all four were on two ladders in the ring. When the ladders collapsed, Luc and Trish were able to jump and grab onto the belt above the ring. Both fell, but Trish was able to hold onto the belt.
Trish Stratus (2) and Maxine Baibe The Royal Rumble - 1/30/05 In a Triple Threat Double Ladder Match with Nihan Jade, Maxine Baibe and Trish Stratus, Nihan was able to grab the Japanese Belt, while Trish and Maxine grabbed the Cruiserweight Belt, making themselves co-champions.
Trish Stratus (3) VWF Crucifiction - 2/3/05 The Viking King attacked Maxine Baibe before her match with Trish Stratus to decide a single Cruiserweight Champion. Maxine was unable to make it to the ring, so the match and belt were awarded to Trish Stratus.
Eric Dayton VWF is RAW - 2/21/05 In a normal match on RAW, Eric Dayton reverses the Chick Kick and hits the Life of the Party to get the pin and the belt.
Suicide 02-27-05 - Storm Front In a falls count anywhere match between Eric Dayton and Genesis, Suicide stole Dayton, then pinned him to steal the Cruiserweight Belt.
Michael Kae 03-?-05 -
Dylan Marks 03-27-05 - Bloodlust
Stevie Blaze 05-12-05 - Crucifiction

Brianna Singer 09-19-05 - Full House The Cruiserweight Championship on the reboot of The VWF was remade into the X-Division Championship. Stevie Blaze quit The VWF, and Brianna Singer defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dylan Marks in a cage match to win the newly christened title.
Johnny Dracco 10-28-05 - King of the Ring 3 Johnny defeated Brianna Singer one-on-one in a Ladder match.
Phoenix 11-13-05 - 6th Big Birthday Bash Johnny Dracco "injured" his arm, and was "unable" to wrestle. So, he and his brother Sean forced VWF mainstay Phoenix to defend the belt in Johnny's place. However, due to their constant interference in matches, VWF President The Viking King and Genesis ruled that since Phoenix was defending the belt, that he would be the X-Division Champion.
Shovelman 12-31-05 - The End 6 Shovelman defeated Christian and Phoenix in a Triple Threat Ultimate-X match by slamming Christian off the turnbuckle through a table on top of Phoenix, dropping a kitchen sink on Christian, and making it up the cable to grab the belt.
The Rick 01-30-06 - Full House In a match against The Rick, Shovelman was flashed by Crimson Lightening and Christian. The ref was distracted by Crimson, and Christian hit Shovelman with the X-Belt, allowing The Rick to hit The Rickfest for the win.
Christian 2-10-05 - The Royal Rumble 5

Cisco Kid 07-04-07 - Crucifiction Cisco Kid eliminated Brianna Singer last with a superplex, after Masahiro accidentally distracted Brianna.
Adam Saint 07-26-07 - Crucifiction Adam Saint pinned Cisco Kid in a triple threat match with Blaze also involved.

Johnny Aggression 8-25-07 - Sizzle PPV .
Chris Ponger 12-5-07 - Crucifiction Chris Ponger defeated Johnny Aggression in a Cage Match to win the title.
Vacant 12-12-07 - Crucifiction Due to injury at the hands of Scott Carr, the title was vacated.
Ricky Idol 12-14-07 - Full House Ricky Idol pinned Rodney Edison in a 7 person, 2 falls match to claim his first championship.
Rodney Edison 1-5-08 - The End 7 PPV In a Double Ladder match with Kylie Marie, Axton Anderson, Ricky Idol and Justin Case, Rodney Edison came out, capitolized on a moment of weakness of the others, and won the Cabo Wabo Middleweight Belt.
Dreaden Darksky 3-9-08 - Royal Rumble 7 PPV .
Alexia 9-22-08 - Aftershock 8 PPV .
Mr. Fantastic 1-4-09 - The End 8 PPV .
Matt Arcara 09-27-09 - Crucifiction Mr. Fantastic actually won the match but, in a display of disgust towards the championship and Matt Arcara, he vacated the belt and awarded it to Arcara.
Dandelion 10-12-09 - Crucifiction .
Do or Die 12-21-09 - Crucifiction .
Crimson Lightening 6-21-10 Crimson defeated Do or Die and Larry the Bartender in a triple threat match by pinning the ref after both men refuse to show up.
Leon "Purple" Haze 8-8-10 / Bloodlust Leon defeated Phoenix, Zach Connors, Marvelous ME, Steve Ryan, Crimson Lightening, Donny Blacklist, Lightning Yellow Ranger, Herbal Green Ranger, and Maximillian Vandiel III in a Pinfall Battle Royal to win the Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship
Kamikaze 12-20-10 / Crucifiction Kamikaze defeated Leon Hayze in a Cage Match to win the Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship
Devan Nox 2-14-11 / Crucifiction Devan Nox pinned Kamikaze after Maxxx Hardcore momentarily distracted him to win the Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship
Maxxx Hardcore 5-23-11 / Crucifiction Maxxx Hardcore made Devan Nox tap out to win the Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship
Vacant ??? ????
El Lobo Grande 6-10-13 / Crucifiction El Lobo Grande defeated cisco KID in a ladder match to win the vacant Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship
Ursula Areano 8-28-13 - Bloodlust Ursula Areano pinned Mysterious in the first fall of a 2 Falls match with Mysterious, Thomas Liger and El Lobo Grande to win the Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship