Apocalypse 11-26-99
Double Barrell (PPV)
In a Ladder Match between Kane and Apocalypse, Gouron and Taurus intefered, pulling Kane out of the ring while Apocalypse climbed the ladder to become the first Intercontinental Championship. This was the end of a tournament to crown the first champion.
Jason Palkovics 1-03-00
In a First Blood Match between Jason Palkovics and Apocalypse, Jason hit a face buster onto the steel stairs to defeat Apocalypse.
Kane 1-20-00
VWF Thunder
In a Ladder Match between Kane and Jason Palkovics, Kane hit the Tombstone on Jason to climb the ladder and win.
Undertaker 2-10-00
VWF Thunder
No details available.
Kane (2) 2-15-00
In a Casket Match between Kane and Undertaker, Kane chokeslamed Undertaker into the casket to win.
Michael Bunda 2-22-00
No details available.
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin 2-25-00
AfterShock (PPV)
In a Buried Alive Match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Michael Bunda, Austin hit the Stunner on Michael, who bounced off and fell into the grave.
Kane (3) 3-4-00
VWF Souled Out
In a Flaming Tables Match between Kane and Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane hit the Tomstone on Austin, set up the flaming table, then chokeslamed Austin through it to win.
Jax 3-16-00
VWF Thunder
In a Normal Match between Jax and Kane, Flexine distracted the ref while Flex hit Kane in the back with a chair, who then dropped Jax before he could hit the Tombstone. Jax hit a facebuster and a Jax Attack on Kane to win the belt as the ref turned around.
The Viking King 3-31-00
Bloodlust (PPV)
In a Flaming Tables Match between The Viking King and Jax, The Viking King hit a body-press slam over the ropes to the outside, smashing Jax through the flaming table to win. Later in the evening, both men particiapted in the first Six-Pack Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Apocalypse 4-15-00
VWF Souled Out
No details available.
The Viking King (2) 4-18-00
In a Ladder Match between The Viking King and Apocalypse, Rhino came down and helped Apocalypse double team The Viking King. However, Rhino accidentally speared Apocalypse, leading to The Viking King hitting the Crucifiction on Rhino and climbing the ladder to win back the belt.
Fugitive 4-20-00
VWF Thunder
In a Normal Match between The Viking King and Kurt Angle, The Viking King had twice won the match, once with the Viking Death-Lock, and again with the Crucifiction. However, Joel Gertner distracted the ref both times, preventing the ref from issueing a count. Fugitive, disguised as the Masked Psycho, ran down the ramp and forced the ref to count as he pinned The Viking King after hitting him with a lead pipe.
The Viking King (3) 4-20-00
VWF Thunder
Right after pinning The Viking King, Dr.Feelgood runs down the ramp to help, but Fugitive lays down and pulls The Viking King on top of him, allowing the ref to make the count and give the Intercontinental Championship back to The Viking King.
Kurt Angle 4-25-00
In an Iron Man Match between Kurt Angle and The Viking King, Kurt Angle hit two Northern Lights Suplexes to pull ahead in the last few seconds to win the Intercontinental Championship and become the first ever wrestler in the VWF to hold three singles belts at the same time. Final Score was three falls to two.
The Viking King (4) 4-28-00
Twilight (PPV)
In a Three Falls Match for the European, United States, and Intercontinental Championships between The Viking King, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle, The Viking King hit the Crucifiction on Chris Benoit to win the third fall and the Intercontinental Championship.
Chris Benoit 6-08-00
VWF Thunder
No details available.
The Rock 6-30-00
Pandemonium (PPV)
In a Caged Ladder Match between The Rock and Chris Benoit, Rock defeated Benoit clean. After the match, Benoit announced his retirement.
Dr. Feelgood 8-25-00
Diablo (PPV)
In a Two Falls Match for the Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Championships, Dr.Feelgood pinned Mike Awesome in the first fall after The Rock hit Mike Awesome with the Ring Bell, knocking him out. The Viking King then pulled The Rock out of the ring as Dr.Feelgood made the pin.
Mike Awesome 8-31-00
VWF Thunder
In a No Holds Bared Match between Mike Awesome and Dr.Feelgood, The Corporation beat down Dr.Feelgood until he was unconcious, then Awesome was declared the winner. Dr.Feelgood was then admitted to a local hospital.
Edge 10-10-00
VWF Thunder
In a Triple Threat Death Penalty Match between Diamond Dogg, Edge, and Mike Awesome, Edge speared Diamond into the side of the cage, then hit the Downward Spiral on Awesome to escape through the door and win the belt.
Curt Evans 10-27-00
Halloween Massacre (PPV)
In a Triple Threat No D.Q. Match that was ruled a one-fall for both the United States and Intercontinental Championships, Curt Evans threw a beer keg off the turnbuckle onto Edge's knee, which was under the 60,000 lbs. steel stairs. Evans then hit the Irrisistable Ending on Diamond Dogg to pin him and win both the United States and Intercontinental Belts. This has never been done before on a PPV.
MC 7evenz ??-??-00
Not available
No details available.
Crimson Lightning 12-27-00
In a Fatal-Four Way Match, Crimson hit The Flash on Alex through the Swahilli Announcer's Table, then hit the Hitting The Music on Axl after MC was clotheslines over the ropes to the outside. Crimson then hooked the legs for the belt.
Crimson Lightning (2) and Dave Foley 1-21-01
VWF Crucifiction
In a First Blood Match between Foley and Crimson, Dave swung a chair at Crimson in the hopes it would make him bleed first. Crimson saw it coming, and punched the chair, hitting Foley in the head. Both men began to bleed, and the ref decreed both men the winner, creating the first Co-Intercontinental Champions.
The Vox 1-31-01
In a Tag-Team Match against Crimson and Foley, The Vox tagged with his brother, Iman Sain. After Foley was taken out by his own partner, Crimson, Iman and Crimson got into a dance-off contest. Vox capitolized, hitting the Vox Drop on Crimson to win the Intercontinental Belt. Vox and Iman then did some more dancing. Bad dancing.
Crimson Lightning (3) 2-04-01
Royal Rumble (PPV)
In a Fatal Four-way Elimination match involving The Rock, Dave Foley, Crimson & Vox. The Rock pinned Foley after nailing his "Rock Bottom" to eliminate him 1st. Then The Rock fell victim to The Vox's "Vox Drop" to be eliminated 2nd. Eventually Crimson delivered his Hig Fever to pin Vox and regain the title.
The Vox (2) 2-14-01
No details available.
Crimson Lightning (4) ??-??-01
AfterShock (PPV)
No details available.
The Vox (3) ??-??-01
In a Title match between Crimson and Rock, Triple B announced The Vox as a surprise entrant for the match claiming him to be a deserving individual. Vox proved him right by hitting "The Vox Drop" on The Rock for the pin while Crimson was on the outside after a clothesline over the ropes.
Alex Riddell ??-??-01
Vox had to defend his title against SlimShady and Vyndicator in a Triple Threat match. Towards the end of the match The Rock came down to the ring and hit "The Absolute Zero" on Slim in the ring while Vox was beating Vyndicator down on the outside. Rock then pinned Slim in the ring. After the match he announced that he was no longer called The Rock and that he was now called Alex Riddell.
The Vox (4) 04-23-01
Break The Barrier 3 (PPV)
The Title was up for grabs in a Triple Threat match involving SlimShady, The Vox and Alex Riddell. The match went on for a while with Slim being dropped 20 feet onto electrical equipment twice. Iman Sain and a man in a black mask came down to the ring and attacked Alex Riddell allowing Vox to get the pin. After the match Alex Riddell demanded Curt, who he thought the man in the mask was, to reveal himself. Curt Evans then walked out from the back proving that it wasn't him and taunted Alex.
Alex Ridell (4) 06-01-01
Bloodlust II (PPV)
In a well fought out battle between three great competitors Alex Ridell emerged triumphant in a match that... we didn't see. The transmission was cut off and this entire match was blacked out. Eh well.
Crimson Lightening (5) ?-??-?? ?
Dare Devil ?-??-?? ?
Curtis Payne ?-??-?? ?
LOST ? The VWF changed sites, and we renamed WCCW. It continued in this way until 11-1-04. Titls histories were lost during this time.
Crimson Lightening (7) VWF is RAW - 11-29-04 Defeated Apocalypse via submission to crown a new IC Champion
The Vox VWF Crucifiction - 01-16-05 Defeated Crimson Lightening in a ladder match. Crimson and Vox were both dangling from the belt in the middle of the ring, when a lady distracted Crimson by throwing underwear in the ring. Vox capitolized and knocked Crimson off, winning the match and the belt.
The Rick VWF Crucifiction - 01-27-05 In a match between The Vox and The Rick, venom interfered, taking both men out in the match while the ref was down. venom then pulled The Rick on top of The Vox to get The Rick the win. All three men face each other at The Royal Rumble PPV.
Smart A$$ VWF is RAW - 03-21-05 Defeated The Rick one-on-one.

Smart A$$ 03-27-05
Bloodlust 4(PPV)
In a double ladder match between Smart A$$, Suicide, Iman Sain, Seven and EcKo for the United States and Intercontinental Titles, Smart A$$ grabbed the Intercontinental Belt, retaining it. At the end of the PPV, The Viking King bought the now publicly traded Viking Enterprizes, the parent company of The VWF. When He did so, He split the roster into two seperate shows and brands. The Intercontinental Belt was recognized as the new World Heavyweight Championship on Crucifiction.
It was Pawned 09-13-05 - Reboot The VWF took a break for a couple months. Triple B woke up finally, and the site has been re-opened and VWF has opened it's doors once more. This belt was dropped at this time. Suicide then stole it from The Viking King's office, and with Mandingo pawned it for enough money to puy a lion, who killed that fucking dog at his old place. He probably also bought some 40s of King Cobra and some pot too...

Stone Cold Steve Austin 10-24-05 - Reboot Steve Austin beat Suicide for the United States Championship, which was the #2 Singles belt in The VWF. Mandingo signed a bunch of stuff in Viking King's office while high. One of those papers made the United States renamed BACK to the Intercontinental Belt, and thus bringing back this prestigous belt.
Bishop 10-28-05 - King of the Ring 3 In a match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bishop, Bishop hit the End of Days for the win.
Tazz 11-21-05 - Full House Bishop revealed that he was joining forces with Sage and Havik, and the threesome beat down Bishop's opponents, Michael Bunda and Tazz. In a complete dick move, Bishop tossed Tazz on top of Michael Bunda, who despised Tazz, and Tazz got the pin and the win.
Curtis Payne (2) 11-28-05 - Full House .
Dwayne Stone ???
Crimson Lightening (8) 12-31-05 - The End 6
Reverend John Crazy ? Reverend John Crazy beats Crimson to become the new IC champs.
Shovelman Growing Pains - 7/5/06 Shovelman beat Rev in a best of three pin falls match. Afterwards Shovie got the junk beat out of him as The Righteous Crusade made their debut.
Synic Raw- 9/9/06 In a brutal and chaotic match, Synic dismantled Shovelman in a sickening fashion to be crowned the new IC holder.
Mighty Mick 12-25-06 - The End Might Mick beat Synic to win the IC Belt on the eve that former President The Viking King took the fed back over, and re-elevated the belt to #2 status.
Ahmed Kahn Crucifiction - 1/5/07
Dr. Feelgood (2) Crucifiction - 7/4/07 Dr. Feelgood was a last minute replacement to fill the vacant Intercontinental Belt, after Ahmed Kahn could not defend the belt, due to personal reasons. Dr. Feelgood hit The Flatliner on Crimson Lightening for the pin.
Sylvaine Gingras Sizzle - 7/7/07 Sylvaine defeated Dr. Feelgood and Crimson Lightening to win the Intercontinental Belt
The Vox (6) Crucifiction - 9/27/07 The Vox defeated Sylvaine Gingras to capture his sixth Intercontinental Championship
Mighty Mick (2) Halloween Massacre - 10/13/07 Mighty Mick turned, aligning himself with The Viking King against everyone, and won the IC Belt in a Cage Match between himself, The Vox, Dr. feelgood, and Crimson Lightening
Crimson Lightening (9) Crucifiction - 10-17-07 Crimson hit the Hitting The Music on Mighty Mick to win his ninth IC Title.
Bankrupt Crucifiction - 12-12-07 Bankrupt defeated Crimson Lightening one-on-one.
Jonny Cedrone Crucifiction - 12-12-07 Jonny Cedrone was paid by The Viking King $50,000 for helping out at a Pay Per View, so Jonny took the money and offered it to Bankrupt, who agreed to hand over the Intercontinental Championship.
The Vox (7) ? .
Rage 3-9-08 - Royal Rumble 7 PPV .
Jonny Cedrone (2) 5-18-08 - Bloodlust 8 PPV .
Creed 6-29-08 - Royal Rumble 7 PPV .
Ariana London 8-25-08 - Crucifiction .
Scott Carr 1-4-09 - The End 8 PPV .
Alexia 5-29-09 Alexia melted down the belt, and declared herself the XXX Hardcore Champion. The VWF failed to recognize the belt after month of discussion, and decided to declare a new champion, so a match was booked to replace Alexia, who still lays claim to the XXX Hardcore Belt
Steven Jones 10-12-09 - Crucifiction Steven Jones defeated Montego and Lee Ryan in a Cage Match to become the new Intercontinental Champion
Vacant 11-9-09 - Crucifiction Arias VanPierce, the #1 Contender for the title, attacked and injured Steven Jones backstage after a meeting with Jonas Allen. Steven is unable to defend the belt, and a match has been booked to replace him while he is out on injury.
Matt Arcara 11-23-09 - Crucifiction To fill the vacant title, Arias VanPierce, Matt Arcara and Scott DiBiase squared off, with Arcara able to get the upset win over the long standing World Tag-Team Champ DiBiase and undefeated AVP to win the belt.
Alexia (2) 1-10-10 Alexia defeated Matt Arcara at The End
"The Egobuster" Dan Ryan 7-5-10 Dan Ryan defeated Alexia in a single match on Crucifiction in the Main Event.