Trish Stratus VWF Crucifiction - 1/6/04 In a Ladder Match between Trish Stratus, Lita, Genesis, Maxine Baibe, Nihan Jade and Randy Orton, The Viking King fought with Maxine on the outside while Trish was able to get the belt, making her the first Japanese Champion ever, and a Two Title Holder with the Cruiserweight Belt.
Maxibe Baibe VWF is RAW - 1/24/05 In a ladder match between Trish Stratus and Nihan Jade, Maxine Baibe ran out and interfered, taking both women out and climbing the ladder to capture the title for herself.
Nihan Jade The Royal Rumble - 1/30/05 In a Triple Threat Double Ladder Match with Maxine Baibe and Trish Stratus, Nihan was able to grab the Japanese Belt, while Trish and Maxine grabbed the Cruiserweight Belt, making themselves co-champions.
Iman Sain VWF is RAW - 2/14/05 In a match between Nihan Jade and Josh Legacy, Iman Sain and the Viking King interfered while they brawled from a previous match. Due to some wierd stipualation that Bar-Bar is a recognized Referee, Iman Sain pinned Nihan Jade to win the belt.
Meiko Sugawara (2) 02-27-05 - Storm Front In a two falls match between The Viking King, Meiko Sugawara, Josh Legacy, Venom, Iman Sain and Maxine Baibe, Meiko got the first fall on Viking to win the Japanese Belt. Meiko Sugawara was previously known as Nihon Jade before Storm Front.
Stephanie McMahon 03-?-05 -
Meiko Sugawara (3) 03-?-05 - After the Hell In A Cell Match between Stephanie and Meiko, the Japanese Mafia came out, beat the shit out of Stephanie and took back the Japanese Belt.
Dylan Marks 04-07-05 - Crucifiction
Jonny Kae 04-14-05 - Crucifiction

Jonny Kae 04-28-05
After successfully defending his newly won Japanese Championship, Jonny Kae had such disgust for the belt that he trashed it and renamed it the Britannia Heavyweight Championship.
Caretaker 05-08-05 Aftershock
Cisco Kid 10-06-05 Full House In a Triple Threat match between Caretaker, Cisco Kid and Jonny Kae, Cisco was able to hit the Cabo Wabo Face Down on Caretaker for the pin, after Jonny weakened him with a vicious Boston Crab.

Cisco Kid 10-06-05 Full House In a Triple Threat match between Caretaker, Cisco Kid and Jonny Kae, Cisco was able to hit the Cabo Wabo Face Down on Caretaker for the pin, after Jonny weakened him with a vicious Boston Crab. Cisco Kid then renamed the belt the Cabo Wabo Heavyweight Championship.
Johnny Dracco 12-31-05 - The End 6
Cisco Kid (2) 2-10-05 - The Royal Rumble 5

Shovelman 2-17-06 Crucifiction

Adam Saint 8-1-07 - Crucifiction After winning the Luchador Championship, Adam Saint trashed it, and declared himself the Britannia Heavyweight Champion.
Lee Ryan 8-8-07 - Crucifiction Lee Ryan capitolized on multiple VWF Superstars fighting during his triple threat with Creed and Adam Saint. While Crimson Lightening, Dr. Feelgood, Adam Saint, Creed, Michael Bunda and The Rick all fought each other, Lee Ryan flipped them all off and climbed the ladder to win the Britannia Heavyweight Belt.
Rockin Rebel 10-17-07 - Crucifiction Rockin Rebel capitolized, pinning Lee Ryan after VWF Champion Creed interfered, taking Lee Ryan out with his belt. The Rick then made his return and helped fight off Creed, called out Scott Carr, and made his presense felt. Jhnny Cedrone also made his debut in this match, sitting at ringside in observance.
The Vox 10-31-07 - Crucifiction Jonny Cedrone slide the Britannia Belt into the ring, where The Vox hit the Vox Drop on Rockin Rebel for the pin and the win.
Bankrupt 3-9-08 - Royal Rumble 7 PPV .
Jace Gryphon 3-?-08 - Royal Rumble 7 PPV .
Ian Credible 2-6-08 .
Vengeance 12-18-08 .
Kirsta Lewis ? ?
Vacant 5th July 2009 Title vacated as Kirsta Lewis hadn't defended for over 60 days.
Dimitri Sergeyevich 07-12-09 - Crucifiction (Dimitri vs. Scott for the vacant title, Big Daddy Funk and Rage interfered to cost Scott the match
Ian Credible (2) 10-12-09 .
Scott DiBiase 12-9-09 .
Thomas Halloway 3-7-10 .
Scott DiBiase (2) 6-21-10 After Halloway was hospitalized, Scott DiBiase was able to capture the Britannia Heavyweight Championship in a double ladder match with Jose Ramon.
TD Alexander 8-16-10 - Crucifiction TD Alexander defeated Scott DiBiase on the night he had to defend all of his belts in a row, to win the Britannia Heavyweight Championship. TD wrestled under the name "Marvelous" Mark Ellingsworth, but post match declared that he would be his own man, and reclaimed his old moniker.
Sean Edmunds .
Maverick Jones 4-4-11 - Crucifiction Maverick Jones and Simon Stone won the MITB Title shot at The End, and cashed it in DURING the Royal Rumble match. While Simon Stone was eliminated, Maverick Jones was able to capitalize and capture the Britannia Heavyweight Title by making TD Alexander tap out.
Mr. Enigma 05-07-2012 - Crucifiction Mr. Enigma defeated Crimson Lightening and Mysterious to win the Britannia Heavyweight championship.
Vacant 9-02-2012 Timothy Kahrs forgot to pay the bills, resulting in a foreclosure of the VWF Arena and the cancellation of Bloodlust. A large chunk of the roster realized they weren't getting paid and signed new contracts elsewhere.
Mysterious 5-13-13 - Full House Mysterious defeated Phoenix and Jared Fish in a Triple Threat match to win the vacant title.
Jared "The Swedish" Fish 5-27-13 - Full House Jared Fish defeated Mysterious to win the title.
Mysterious (2) 6-11-13 - Crucifiction Mysterious defeated Jared Fish in a Tables match to win the Britannia Heavyweight title.
Thomas Liger 7-22-13 - Crucifiction Thomas Liger defeated Mysterious to win the Britannia Heavyweight title.
Mysterious (3) 8-5-13 - Crucifiction Mysterious defeated Thomas Liger to win the Britannia Heavyweight title.
El Lobo Grande 8-28-13 - Bloodlust El Lobo Grande pinned Thomas Liger in the second fall of a 2 Falls match with Ursula Areano, Mysterious and Thomas Liger to win the Britannia Heavyweight Championship