Gamer Nerd Crucifiction - 11/28/07 After winning the Middleweight Medal of Honor at The Big Birthday Bash, the last four men in that match (Johnny Aggression, Gamer Nerd, Chris Ponger and Rodney Edison) all competed in a ladder match to crown the new Pan Pacific Champion. Gamer Nerd was able to climb the ladder and win while Johnny Aggression hit Chris Ponger with the Cabo Wabo Middlweight Belt.
Vacant 12-12-07 - Full House The belt was vacated, as Gamer Nerd was injured at the hands of Justin Case
Justin Case 12-14-07 - Full House Justin Case pinned Bobby Jackson in a 7 person, 2 falls match to claim his first championship.
Chris Ponger 1-5-08 - The End 7 PPV In a Double Ladder match with Kylie Marie, Axton Anderson, Ricky Idol and Justin Case, Chris climbed the ladder to win the Pan Pacific Belt.
Justin Case 3-16-08 - Crucifiction .
Michael Bunda 4-20-08 - Crucifiction Defeated Justin Case (c), Phillip Icox and Brianna Singer in a ladder match.
Matt Flora 4-27-08 - Crucifiction Defated Dreaden Darksky (c), Michael Bunda (c) and Phillip Icox in a two falls match where Draeden retains the Cabo Wabo title.
Johnny James 05-18-08 - Bloodlust 8 .
David Black 6-29-08 - Crucifiction .
Dean Jones 9-22-08 - Aftershock 8 PPV .
Mr. Fantastic ?-?-08 .
Vacant 01-04-2009 - The End 8 Mr. Fantastic unified the Pan Pacific and Cabo Wabo Middleweight championships
Crimson Lightening 11-15-09 - Big Birthday Bash 11 .
Malik Logan 12-21-09 .
Malk 12-21-09 .
Steve Ryan 6-21-10 Steve Ryan defeated Malk in a singles match.
Kamikaze 8-8-10 / Bloodlust Kamikaze defeated Leon Hayze, Phoenix, Zach Connors, Marvelous ME, Steve Ryan, Crimson Lightening, Donny Blacklist, Lightning Yellow Ranger, Herbal Green Ranger, and Maximillian Vandiel III in a Pinfall Battle Royal to win the Pan Pacific Championship
Mysterious 12-6-10 / Crucifiction Mysterious defeated Kamikaze after Leon Hayze interfered, hitting Kamikaze with a kendo stick that Kamikaze had attacked Leon with earlier in the evening, allowing Mysterious to topple the Evil Empire.
Brandy Rose 1-16-11 - The End PPV Brandy Rose defeated Mysterious via pinfall.
Sean Edmunds 3-5-11 - Crucifiction .
Alex Thunder ?-?-12 - Crucifiction .
Vacant ?-?-?? - Crucifiction .
Reed Cromier 6-24-13 - Crucifiction Reed Cromier defeated Johan Kjeldsson in a singles match to win the vacant belt.
Encore 8-28-13 - Bloodlust Encore stole the belt from Reed Cromier, and then defeated him to win the Pan Pacific Championship