"The Horde"
Kane and Al Snow
11-26-99 .
Predator and Stang 12-6-99 .
"The Dark Ones"
Gouron and Taurus
13-13-99 .
Lync and Creed 12-31-99 .
Predator and Stang (2) 1-13-00 .
Farooq and Bradshaw
01-20-00 .
"The New Dominion"
Jason Palkovics and Michael Bunda
02-03-00 .
Sandman and Cactus Jack 02-25-00 .
Tremere and Ventrue 03-09-00 .
"The Dark Ones"
Gouron and Taurus (2)
03-28-00 .
Tremere and Ventrue (2) 03-31-00 .
"The Corporate Ministry"
Apocalypse and Gouron
04-05-00 .
Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty 04-06-00 .
Lync and Creed (2) 04-06-00 .
"The Horde"
Dr.Feelgood and Dr.Jekyl
04-20-00 .
The Masked Psycho (Fugitive) 04-22-00 .
Vacant 04-22-00 .
"The Horde"
Kane and Al Snow
04-28-00 .
Chris Benoit and Genx 05-26-00 .
Danny Doring and Roadkill 06-20-00 .
The Rock and Shawn Michaels 06-22-00 .
Chris Benoit and Genx (2) 06-30-00 .
The Rock and Shawn Michaels (2) 06-30-00 It was at this time that the records were lost, due to the site being hacked.

"The Devil's Sin"
Stone and Animal
02-27-05 - Storm Front In a Tournament to crown the first Hardcore Tag-Team Champions, Stone and Animal beat the Chicago Dogg Pound, then The Gritty Committee, and then Living La Vida Loco in the finals to capture the straps.
"The Gritty Committee"
Mandingo and Tross
03-27-05 - Bloodlust .
"Corporate Evolution"
Destruction and Ric Thunder
04-18-05 - Full House .
"Corporate Evolution"
Amy Brooks and Ric Thunder
?-?-05 - Full House .

"The Beverly Hills Punks"
Johnny and Sean Dracco
10-24-05 - Full House After The VWF finished their summer break, the VWF Hardcore Tag-Team Titles were dropped. The Beverly Hills Punks, Sean and Johnny Dracco, came into The VWF shortly thereafter with their Tag-Team Championship belts in hand. However, it wasn't until Mandingo, in a drunken state, messed around in The Viking King's office and signed the belts into being sanctioned.
The Prophets-
Sage and Havik
Royal Rumble 5 - 2/10/06 The Prophets beat The Beverly Hill Punks.
The Prophets-
Sage & Havik
KoR - 7/30/06 When Bishop came to power he placed the tag titles on the shelf due to limited tag teams in the VWF. But with the rise of the VWF, the arrival of more tag teams have forced the President to put the titles back on the previous holders.
Vacated Full House - 10/14/06 After the break up of Sage and Havik, Sage gave his half of the title to Rev but Rev refused to take it as The Crusade decided to vacate the titles.
Collections Agency - Repo Man & IRS Halloween Massacre - 10/29/06 The Collections Agency did what they had to as they left the United Center the new champions after defeating Khan & Surge in a well wrestled match.
Two Exiles - Ahmed Kahn and Surge Crucifiction - 1/5/07 .
Team Charisma - Crimson Lightening and Paul Burchill Crucifiction - 7/4/07 Crimson Lightening pinned Tazz to win the vacant Tag-Team Championships, after Ahmed Kahn could not defend the belts, due to personal reasons.
Scott Carr Crucifiction - 12/5/07 In a Handicap Ambulance Match, Scott Carr threw Paul Burchill in the ambulance to win, after spraining his arm. Scott Carr is the first person in VWF History to win the World Tag-Team Titles alone.
Chris Ponger and Johnny Aggression 1-5-08 - The End 7 PPV Scott Carr was unable to find a tag-team partner, due to not many of the roster who didn't hate, or fear him. The Viking King stripped him of the belts and awarded them to Ponger and Aggression, telling them to stop fighting and get along if they wanted to keep the belts... and their jobs.
The Major Impact Players - Tha Answer and Fargo Frost 3-9-08 - Royal Rumble 7 PPV .
The Brothers - Dr. Feelgood and Dr. Jekyl 6-21-08 - Crucifiction .
The Black Republicans - Lorenz and Chance Black 07-06-08 - Crucifiction .
Draeden Darksky and Crimson Lightening 9-14-08 .
Jace Gryphon and Kirsta Lewis 12-18-08 .
Rage & Mr. Larson King Of The Ring
5 July 2009
Defeated Kirsta Lewis & Becky Hellian (subbing for Jace Gryphon) when Becky beat up Kirsta backstage and laid down to be pinned in the match.
Scott Dibiase and Jason Lee 08-16-09 - Killer Instinct .
Wrasslin Rangers 8-16-10 - Crucifiction Black Black Ranger and Lightning Yellow Ranger defeated Scott DiBiase and Jason Lee on the night he had to defend all of his belts in a row, to win the World Tag-Team Championship.
Blaximilian 12-6-10 - Crucifiction Maximillian Vandiel III and Donny Blacklist defeated the Wrasslin Rangers with the Poison Myst, 29 Black and Serpent Strike combo to win the World Tag-Team Championships.
Maximillian Vandiel III and Simon Stone 1-31-11 - Crucifiction Maximillian Vandiel III ditched Donny Blacklist, and hired Simon Stone to take his place, as his personal hitman.
"Southern Belles" - Brandy Rose and Brittney Rose 4-4-11 - The Royal Rumble The Roses bribed a referee in the middle of the Royal Rumble to get a pinfall on Maximillian and steal the World Tag-Team Titles.
"The Brothers" - Dr. Feelgood and Dr. Jekyl 4-20-11 - Crucifiction The Brothers defeated Brandy and Brittney in a tag-team match.
"The Can-Am Alliance" Jonny Cedrone & Scott DiBiase (2) 12-19-2011 - Crucifiction Jonny Cedrone and Scott DiBiase won the World Tag Team Championships in a triple threat tag team match involving Dr. Feelgood & Dr. Jekyl and Chris Monsoon & Alex Thunder with the World Heavyweight and Intercontinental championships also at stake.
Cameron Cruise & The First 03-12-2012 - Crucifiction .
Vacant 07-12-2012 - Crucifiction The titles were quietly vacated when the reigning champions mysteriously disappeared.
"The Varsity Squad" Bobby Bostwick & Brent Cross 01-14-2013 - VWF Rebirth The Varsity Squad won a four team tournament to win the World Tag Team championships.

"The Varsity Squad" Bobby Bostwick & Brent Cross 01-14-2013 - VWF Rebirth World Tag-Team Titles were upgraded under same champions.
"The Black Republicans" Chance Black and Lorenz Black (2) 7-8-13 - The Royal Rumble Chance Black hit the Top Shelf and pinned Bobby Bostwick in a Jailhouse Match with The Varsity Squad, The Black Republicans, and Fabulously Scared to win the belts.