Raven 11-26-99
Flex 12-2-99
Jax 12-6-99
Creed 01-6-00
Kid Rock 01-27-00
Vacant 01-29-00
Jax (2) 02-22-00
Goldberg 02-26-00
Jax (3) 03-04-00
The Viking King 03-14-00
Michael Bunda 03-16-00
Kurt Angle 04-13-00
Chris Benoit 04-28-00
The Viking King (2) 05-16-00
Mike Awesome 05-26-00
Kane 06-06-00
Mike Awesome (2) 06-10-00
Dr. Feelgood 07-06-00 It was at this point that due to a hacker, and the fed changing hands at various points, that title histories were lost. They resume below
The Viking King (4) VWF is RAW - 1/10/04 Was awarded the title to re-instate it by VWF President Vince. Then defended the title successfully right away against Adam Young.
Dave Risco The Royal Rumble - 1/30/05 In a match with Dave Risco, Risco was able to pin The Viking King after Viking was distracted by the VikingTron. It showed Crimson Lightening acting as lookout while Suicide stole Viking's valet, Genesis', underwear.
Impact VWF Crucifiction - 2/3/05 In a Quadrupile Threat Match with Curt Evans, Viking King, Dave Risco and Impact, Impact played possum, capitolizing on Viking and Evans fighting with each other, and rolling Risco up with a small package to win th belt.
Trish Stratus 02-27-05 .
Suicide (2) 03-14-05 - VWF is RAW .
Smart A$$ 03-17-05 - Crucifiction .
EcKo 03-27-05 - Bloodlust
Ace Montana 05-02-05 - Full House
Tross ??-??-05 - ?
Suicide (3) 09-19-05 - Full House After the reboot of The VWF, Tross elected to not return. Suicide defeated The Viking King to win the vacant belt. Michael Bunda was also a last minute addition to the match to take Tross's spot, but Suicide along with Josh Legacy and Mandingo trapped Bunda in a closet, so he could not participate.
Stone Cold Steve Austin 10-11-05 Full House In a Triple Threat match beteen Austin, Suicide and Josh Legacy, Austin hit the Stunner on Legacy to get the pin. The belt was later on rechristened the Intercontinental Belt when Mandingo, while high, signed some papers in The Viking King's office to make it legal. Refer to the Intercontinental History for further information.
Ace Montana (2) 12-31-05 - The End 6 Ace advanced in a tournament to crown a new United States Champion, to make it to the finals. Ace defeated The Viking King and Justin Possible by pinning The Viking King with the Royal Flush after The Vox hit Viking with The Vox Drop and rolled him back in the ring.
Justin Possible Growing Pains - 6/14/06 Justin Possible beats Ace Montana and Brodie Lee in a title unification match to become the United States Champion.
Chase Houston KoR - 7/30/06 Chase Houston beat Justin Possible in a best of three electrified cage match.
..... Full House - 8/23/06 "The Reaper" Curtis Payne beat Chase Houston, took the US Title and gave it to the President.
Chase Houston Full House - 9/6/06 Chase Houston won the two round US tournament to reclaim the title that was wrongfully robbed from him.
Crimson Lightening B-Day Bash- 11/19/06 After Chase Houston was hit by a car earlier in the night, his title was placed up for grabs in the four way Brazilian Death match at the Bash. In a devastating match, Crimson Lightening was able to pull off the upset and become the new US champ.
Jonny Kae VWF Revolution - 12/1/06 Ducking Jonny Kae a week before turned out not to be the best idea, as Jonny got his payback with beating Crimson one on one in a steel cage to become new US Champ.
Shovelman VWF Revolution - 12/10/06 One week after beating Crimson in a cage match, Kae is quickly dethroned by Shovelman as Shovie pulls off a huge upset to be crowned the new champ.
Brandon Von Bauer Crucifiction - 1/5/07
"Insane" David Payne Crucifiction - 7/11/07 In a four way ladder match between Cisco Kid, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Crimson Lightening and Dave Payne, Dave was able to capture the vacant US Title.
Creed Crucifiction - 7/19/07 Creed defeated Dave Payne to win the United States Title.
"Da Big Rig" Scott Carr Crucifiction 9/19/07 In a No D.Q. match between Scott Carr and Creed, Scott Carr was able to use his considerable size to beat down the smaller superstar and win the United States Title.
Dr. Feelgood 1-5-08 - The End 7 PPV Due to Scott Carr continueing to injure and beat down various VWF Superstars, The Viking King decreed that if he was DQed in his match with Dr. Feelgood at The End, he would lose the belt. Dr. Jekyk, in a moment of insane clarity, hit Feelgood with a can of spam, letting him win the belt, and the match.
"King Kon" Cell Block 1-9-08 .
Ace Montana (3) 3-16-08 - Crucifiction .
Johnny Aggression 3-23-08 - Crucifiction .
Johnny James 7-27-08 - King of the Ring 6 PPV .
Dr. Feelgood 8-2-08 .
The Masked Marvel 9-22-08 - Aftershock 8 PPV .
Ace Andrews February 21, 2009
The Royal Rumble PPV
Scott DiBiase Crucifiction - 10th May 2009 Scott DiBiase beats Rage after Ace Andrews was suspended for 1 week and forced to vacate the title.
Da Big Rig" Scott Carr (2) King Of The Ring
5 July 2009
Defeated Dr. Feelgood and Scott DiBiase in a triple threat table elimination match.
Dr. Feelgood (3) 08-16-09 - Killer Instinct Defeated Scott Carr.
Jonny Cedrone 10-12-09 Dr. Feelgood vacated the US Championship and awarded it to Jonny Cedrone.
Dimitri Sergeyevich 11-23-09 Before wrestling Mr. Fantastic for a shot at the World Title, Cedrone was jumped by a masked man in his title defense, allowing Dimitri to capitolize and take home the US Belt to Mother Russia.
Jose Ramon 6-21-10 After Dimitri was deported for drinking all the alchohol in the tri-state area, Jose Ramon was able to capture the United States Championship in a double ladder match with Scott DiBiase.
Johnny Aggression (2) 8-8-10 / Bloodlust Johnny Aggression defeated Dave Payne and Jose Ramon to capture the United States Championship
Zach Connors 10-10-10 - KOTR Zach Connors defeated Johnny Aggression with a roll up and grabbed onto the ropes in a surprise win.
Tyler Graves 11-22-10 - CR Tyler Graves scored an impromptu match in the bathroom, beating Connors for the title.
Johnny Aggression (3) 11-30-10 - FH Apparently Rico was disguised as Tyler Graves for some unknown reason, explaining why Graves acted like he did, because... it wasn't really Graves under the Graves mask. Rico came out after Johnny defeated Zach Connors once and for all, and was then beaten by Johnny Aggression for the title and Aggression's third reign.
Mr. Enigma 1-16-11 - The End PPV Mr. Enigma defeated Johnny Aggression.
Alexander Cage 4-20-11 - Crucifiction Alexander Cage defeated Maxxx Hardcore to win the vacated US Championship when Mr. Enigma failed to show for his match. Maxxx was distracted by Devan Nox on the VikingTron, allowing Cage to pick up the win and the title.
Mr. Enigma 7-11-11 - Bloodlust 13: Still Rocking Before the scheduled Cage-Reverend John Crazy match, Mr. Enigma beat down the champ to "make a statement." He proceeded to win the match against Crazy, winning the title.
VACATED 8-8-11 - Crucifiction
Alexander Cage (2) 5-27-13 - Full House Alexander Cage defeated Mr. Enigma to win the vacant title.
Sunny Davis 7-8-13 - The Royal Rumble Cage damaged The Viking King's limo in the parking lot, so in the middle of the Royal Rumble, he came out and decreed that whoever eliminated Cage won the United States Title. Sunny Davis immediately capitalized and tossed Cage over the top rope to win the belt.
Johnny Aggression (4) 8-28-13 - Bloodlust Johnny Aggression pinned Sunny Davis to win the United States Championship